Friday, 27 April 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Floors

Spring is less than a month off, so its time to begin thinking about spring cleaning! Spring cleaning can be overpowering, as you`re driven to clean your home, vehicle, and office until they are spotless, but it doesnt even have to be this stressful. Spring cleaning is just a time to clean clutter and dust out of your space, and from the time it√Ęs completed, you`ll feel completely new! A wonderful place to start cleaning is with your floors, and we`ve got any great tips for you.


While its always easier to clean your carpet and floors if you've already been keeping them during the year, it can nevertheless be done if you haven`t cleaned in a while. A high-quality vacuum can allow you to get through spring cleaning, and clean up all of the dust and dirt from winter. If you have to remove a few stains from your carpet, don't forget to try blotting with water before moving on to stronger cleaning solutions.


As you ought to frequently sweep your hardwood floors, spring cleaning is a fantastic time to do a
more thorough clean to keep your hardwood looking new. After crossing the whole flooring, use a mop to scrub the hardwood and remove spills and stains. In case a few stubborn stains stay, try out a cleaner made specifically for hardwood flooring to maintain your flooring safe while removing the spot. Also, you can eliminate sticky materials without damaging the ground by hardening the spot using a ice block, and then gently rubbing with a dull plastic scraper.


As soon as your spring cleaning is done, it's a good time of year to remind yourself of upkeep to keep
your floors clean all year round. Create a note to vacuum once a week in high traffic areas, particularly where sneakers frequently walk across. If you really don`t have welcome mats in the entrance of your house, place a few down to absorb dirt and dampness. Prepare for spills and accidents by stocking up on gear and cleaning solutions to clean the ground right away. Spring is also a great time to plan for a specialist cleaning, as your carpet should be professionally cleaned 1-2 times annually.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from the top to the bottom. The thickness varies from ¾” to 5/16”. Those wood floors can be installed both above and on grade, and they can be sanded and refinished during its service life.
Engineered wood floors from other side are also real wood floors made by using multiple wood or wood composite veneers. The veneers can be from the same or from different wood species. It have a great stability because the grain of each veneer runs in different direction. This mean that the wood will resist expanding and contracting during fluctuations in humidity and temperature which is really making it wide usable. This type of flooring can also be sanded and refinished and it can be installed above, on or below grade.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Floor Sanding Aylesbury

Test your floors

Wooden floors are the most solid and classic material in each home this days. The elegance that wooden floors are showing us and keeping the fact that it last for many decades is making wood flooring an attractive for informed house owners!
If you have a hardwood flooring, you can refinish it and bring back the in it sparkle again!
Wood as a material base is a porous and vulnerable. Many people today usually choose to help their floors last longer as protecting them against moisture with sanding. A simple test to find out your floor condition is to place a drop of water on it- if the drop isn’t absorbed, or takes a few minutes to soak in,this mean that your wooden floor may be in good shape, but in case the drop soaks in immediately- this mean that it is time for renovation !

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Aylesbury Floor Sanding


Priority for us is to provide quality floor stripping services.If you have a renovation ideas for your home is good to start floor sanding procedure, this can change the complete vision of your home or office !Company rule with us is to provide a quality sanding services.When your house floors are well treated they are able to change the complete view of the area!

Sanding will transform every interior and do not forget that things look better when they are sitting on sparkling floor! We have learned by the years is that flooring is very important for your home’s design improving. Every place we go does not matter , to feel good and relaxed at your own is the important.Our experts are the best in wooden floors business, and they will be working for your home’s modeling and most of all for you to feel fresh and happy looking how your house or apartment rooms shine again!